Print Information

Landscape, adventure, and nature photographs are meant to be printed and displayed.  Computer, tablet, and phone screens are fine for quickly viewing a lot of images, like the ones on this site, but I find it rather difficult if not impossible to look into and be absorbed by a screen image.  A print comes far closer to taking me there.  Especially for that reason, I offer a number of different display options at a range of size and price points.


Museo Silver Rag Prints

These are extremely high-quality prints made with Epson Ultrachrome® inks on 100% cotton paper.  They are designed to reproduce exactly the look and feel of a traditional darkroom print on photographic paper.

I highly recommend having these prints framed under glass by a professional.  When you receive them, handle them only by the edges, and try your best to avoid getting fingerprints on the image surface.  While the Epson inks have archival lifetimes up to 200+ years, you should keep prints out of direct sunlight and in a relatively dry environment. 


Fuji Pearl Prints

These prints are more affordable than those made on Museo Silver Rag.  They feature a pearl/metallic appearance that gives vibrant color rendition, and they are made with Fuji's tried-and-true Crystal Archive emulsion, a decades-long industry standard.


Ready-to-Hang Canvas Gallery Wraps

These prints are made on Luna Artist Canvas and wrapped around 1.5"-deep stretcher bars.  The edges can be wrapped around or mirrored, depending on the particular image and your preference.  These are ready to hang as soon as you receive them, and they have the advantage of archival stability with an easy-to-clean coated surface.


Ready-to-Hang Metal Prints

Ready-to-hang metal prints are a sleek, modern means of presentation for my photographs, and they also are unparalleled with respect to color rendition and vibrance.  Unlike traditional ink-jet prints on the media described above, metal prints are made by a dye-sublimation process that infuses the image into an aluminum sheet.  The pieces are rigid and durable but lightweight enough to handle easily, and they can be cleaned with common glass cleaners.  A floating mount suspends the image 1/2" away from the wall.  Though metal prints are inherently more expensive when compared with prints on paper, metal prints are ready-to-hang and thus have no framing costs, making them a good value with spectacular vibrance and detail.  For these reasons, this is my most popular display method, and it also happens to be my personal favorite.