82 Hours In Iceland

One of my best friends, Jaxon Hoopes, served his LDS mission in Iceland (and still speaks the insanely difficult language), and some might say he's been talking about the country, its landscapes, and its food ever since.  So, when he and his wife, Brooke, found a good deal for the four of us to visit in March, Crystal and I jumped on it.  As the title of the gallery suggests, we weren't there for long, and the weather was typical, which means it was less than good.  Yet, those few hours were enough to impress upon the other three of us the stunning beauty and openness of the landscape, the friendly hardiness of Icelanders, and the ridiculously excellent food, cleanliness, and culture of Réykjavik.  (Disclaimer:  we avoided the Black Death, fermented shark, and boiled sheep's head.  Next time.)  For eleven years, I'd heard Jaxon talk up Iceland, and he was absolutely right about all of it.