El Morro, inscriptions, photo

Hubris Etched in Stone

El Morro National Monument, New Mexico, 2014

This inscription is said to have been left by Juan de Eulate, governor of New Mexico from 1618 to 1625.  "I am the captain General of the Providence of New Mexico for the King our Lord, passed by here on the return from the pueblos of Zuni on the 29th of July the year 1620, and put them at peace at their humble petition, they asking favor as vassals of his Majesty and promising anew their obedience, all of which he did, with clemency, zeal, and prudence, as a most Christian-like (gentleman) extraordinary and gallant soldier of enduring and praised memory."  The word gentleman (lower right of the inscription) apparently was crossed out by a dissident. Photo © copyright by Greg Owens.

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